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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Learning the Lessons of Katrina

Hurricane Sandy has left a long trail of destruction in its wake. The sad events of the last few days, the images of homes destroyed, and the suddenly homeless all evoke powerful emotions. Unfortunately, this situation is not unique.

Our founder and president, Patti, is all too familiar with those who need to rebuild their lives. She reflected on the similarities and - thank goodness - differences from a hurricane just a few years ago...

Courtesy of NASA Goddard
As I look at the major devastation Hurricane Sandy has visited on the Eastern seaboard, I compare it to New Orleans in 2005. With scenes of rows and rows of houses with waters up through their windows and streets completely flooded, the flashback is real and intense. However, I think the horror of beginning to rebuild New Orleans will not be repeated. As I become glued to my television, I see the president, the governors, FEMA, and wonderful agencies like the American Red Cross immediately stepping forward so that the New Orleans nightmare is not repeated. The quick and responsive nature to Hurricane Sandy is stunning in comparison. All we can do is hope and pray that the victims of Hurricane Sandy will recover quickly and resume their normal and appreciated lives.

While people are focused on helping those in the Northeast who truly deserve our hope and attention, it is our wish that we do not forget the citizens still rebuilding their lives in New Orleans.

How will you help those on the East Coast? Leave us a comment below.

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