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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Passing the Baton

Big changes are happening here at Volunteer Expeditions.

Our incredible founder, president, and all-around leader Patti is officially retiring. At the age of 70, we think she deserves it.

So what's a nonprofit to do? We didn't want our good work to come to an end, so we started asking around. We didn't want just anyone to take over. So, when Patti talked to our good friends at Amizade (our partner on the volunteer trip to Washington, DC), she mentioned she wanted to retire, and they were immediately intrigued.

"So who's taking over?" Anna of Amizade asked.

"I don't know," said Patti. "I'm hoping for a wonderful organization."

"Hang on, we'll call you right back," Anna said. And true to her word, she called Patti right away with the Amizade Executive Director, Brandon. They wanted to take on our New Orleans program - and we couldn't be happier to pass Volunteer Expeditions on to them.

Amizade has a proven track record of almost 20 years of incredible service learning trips. They have taken over 6,000 volunteers to learn and do good all over the world; from Appalachia to Poland, from India to Tanzania. Their dedicated staff and incredible opportunities always ensure a life-changing experience for their travelers.

Brandon accompanied Patti to New Orleans to meet our partners and to experience the trip for himself. All went well and we are thrilled.

Amizade will officially take the lead on our New Orleans trip on June 1st, 2013. You can always visit our website to discover more about our trip and how to get in contact with Amizade to plan your volunteer vacation to the Big Easy - or to their many other global locations! (If you're interested in the other trips we offered, to Jamaica or Washington, DC, you can still do great work in those locations with Amizade.)

We've been buried in paperwork and transition details, but we look forward to handing our beloved New Orleans trip to this organization. Amizade will be taking Volunteer Expeditions over for a test run while Patti spends a few weeks in India at the end of this month (the usual travel destination for the 70+ set), so feel free to call them today and get your next volunteer trip organized!

Have any questions? Leave a comment or send an email to volunteer@amizade.org!