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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Volunteer Expeditions trip this weekend!

We here at Volunteer Expeditions are getting excited--we have a group going to New Orleans this weekend! This time, we're bringing 23 intrepid students and their chaperones from beautiful Scarsdale, New York. Want to know what's on the agenda for this trip? They will be...
And more, all in just four days! This list doesn't even include the delicious meals they'll enjoy or the fun they'll have just by spending time together. We're so excited to take this group, as we are with all of our groups. We always enjoy planning for our volunteer service trips. But seeing them happen and watching the amazing things our volunteers do is genuinely inspiring.

 A group Volunteer Expeditions took to New Orleans in 2009. What a beautiful day and a happy bunch!

Want to join us? Gather a group of your very own and take advantage of our planning experience! You can do everything in this current trip, or pick and choose what you'd like to take part in. This is also certainly not the extent of what we offer, so if you're interested in more, we're happy to help. Contact Patti at patti@volunteerexpeditions.org for more information or to start building your trip!

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