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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Travel Is In

Group travel is changing! Most thoughts about group travel are of little old ladies with enormous cameras on a bus or senior couples. But younger and smaller groups are becoming ever more popular.

Check out the full story here:
Smaller Tour Groups Mean Bigger Opportunities for Agents by Nick Verrastro

Of course, you certainly don't have to be a travel agent to appreciate the opportunities! If you're in a school, company, religious organization, or a large family, you're already a member of a group. Taking a trip with a bunch of people you already know is a fun way to connect to each other and to the new location. Many good things can come from this boost in popularity.

And we are so excited that this boost includes volunteer travel! In particular, we're seeing a great increase in the numbers of teenage group travel. We here at Volunteer Expeditions love that. It means more and more young people understand social responsibility in this world. Everyone can make a difference, but few choose to act on that ability. Seeing others take time to benefit complete strangers through volunteering in a new place is wonderful. And seeing teenagers take this big step? It's absolutely inspiring.

This tour group is from Oklahoma City, OK - and look at the age range! Well done indeed.

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